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After Google Talk with Gmail earlier this year, Yahoo! will integrate an Ajax version of Yahoo! Instant Messaging directly into the new Yahoo! Mail beta so users can chat and see when contacts are online, even if they don’t have an instant-messaging application installed. Unlike Google, Yahoo! is combining the products into a single interface. Michael […]

According to Read/Write Web, who has an exclusive podcast with Yahoo! Mail product manager Ethan Diamond, Yahoo released its new Mail Beta to the public on September 13th. The AJAX powered application is one of the best I have seen on the web to date. It functions much like Microsoft Outlook and includes a built-in […]

Yahoo! announced the addition of some new features to the beta version of its mail application, which originally debuted earlier this year. Improvements include: || Integrated calendar at bottom of window || File uploads/attachments take place in the background || Addition of ‘spam’ column in message list, and return of ‘size’ column || Firefox enhancements: […]