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Long Zheng reports the comparisons of Windows Vista operating system sounds and Windows XP sounds. Yes, Vista system sounds have been revealed! And they sound really subtle compared to XP’s annoying sounds. Click image to view video Advertisements

Microsoft has declared Windows Vista complete. It’s been five years since Windows XP debuted and three years since detailed “Longhorn”–Vista’s codename–plans were first revealed. Now Microsoft will release the OS to PC manufacturers and gear up for its release to business customers on November 30 and consumers on January 30. Microsoft is planning a release […]

According to APC Magazine, Microsoft has officially announced the final release dates for Windows Vista: November 30, 2006 for business customers and January 30, 2007 for consumers. Here’s Vista’s retail prices for your reference: || Vista Home Basic: $199 ($99.95 upgrade) || Vista Home Premium: $239 ($159 upgrade) || Vista Business: $299 ($199 upgrade) || […]

Paul Thurrott managed to get the new Windows Vista, Office 2007, product packaging images and Application icons coming with Windows Vista.

You must have heard about or seen Windows Vista (unless you live in caves). It’s really cool! And if you ever wished to get that Vistalish look on your Windows XP or even 2003, this program – Vista Transformation Pack 5.5 is the answer which will transform your Windows user interface to ultimate Windows Vista […]