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Check out the new Office Online website. The new Office 2007 Online Portal is now out of beta. They have adopted the “ribbon” look into the web design which is a similar look to the Microsoft Office 2007  using the ribon interface. Office Online features quick access to Help and How to (tips and tricks) […]

Microsoft released Office Accounting Express 2007 for free, designed specifically for early startups, very small businesses, and home-based businesses. The software is an updated version of the previous Office Small Business Accounting 2006. Read more. Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007 Visit and download Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007 for free.

The 2007 Microsoft Office System, also known as Microsoft Office 2007, is Microsoft’s next release of its productivity suite, slated to replace Microsoft Office 2003. Microsoft Office 2007, formerly known as Office 12 in the initial stages of its beta cycle, is scheduled to be released in November 2006. Microsoft has officially released the Office […]