Flickr is cool!


Flick Logo Tagline

Flickr is a online photo management and sharing application, and is a way to get your photos to the people who matter to you. With Flickr you can:

  • || Show off your favorite photos to the world
  • || Blog the photos you take with a cameraphone
  • || Securely and privately show photos to your friends and family around the world

Browse interesting photos shared over the last 7 days.

In addition to being a popular Web site for users to share personal photographs, the service is widely used by bloggers as a photo repository.

Flickr was developed by Ludicorp, a Vancouver, Canada-based Company founded in 2002. Ludicorp launched Flickr in February 2004. In March 2005, Yahoo! Inc. acquired Ludicorp and Flickr.

Flickr allows photo submitters to categorize their images by use of keywordtags” (a form of metadata), which allow searchers to easily find images concerning a certain topic such as place name or subject matter. Flickr provides rapid access to images tagged with the most popular keywords.

Flickr Tags

Flickr also allows users to categorize their photos into “sets”, or groups of photos that fall under the same heading. However, sets are more flexible than the traditional folder-based method of organizing files, as one photo can belong to many sets, or one set, or none at all. Flickr’s “sets”, then, represent a form of categorical metadata rather than a physical hierarchy.

Access control
Flickr provides both private and public image storage. A user uploading an image can set privacy controls that determine who can view the image. A photo can be flagged as either public or private. Private are visible by default only to the uploader, but they can also be marked as viewable by friends and/or family. Privacy settings also can be decided by adding photographs from a user’s photostream to a “group pool”. If a group is private then all the members of that group can see the photo. If a group is public then the photo becomes public as well. Flickr also provides a “contact list” which can be used to control image access for a specific set of users in a way similar to that of LiveJournal.

Many of its users allow their photos to be viewed by anyone, forming a large collaborative database of categorized photos. By default, other users can leave comments about any image they have permission to view, and in some cases can add to the list of tags associated with an image.

The core functionality of the site relies on standard HTML and HTTP features, allowing for wide compatibility among platforms and browsers. Organizr uses Ajax, with which most modern browsers are compliant, and most of Flickr’s other text-editing and tagging interfaces also possess Ajax functionality.
Images can be posted to the user’s collection via email attachments, enabling direct uploads from many cameraphones and applications with email capabilities.

Flickr is not an archival storage website. Flickr will delete images from free accounts after you have not logged into your account for 90 consecutive days. The company website states: “We will eventually delete Free Accounts if the user becomes inactive for 90 consecutive days.” With an active free account you only have access to the most recent 200 images you upload, older images are still accessible via their URLs (e.g. linked from another website), but they will no longer be accessible to tag or edit from your Flickr account.

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Stuff for Flickr users
FlickrInspector LogoFlickrInspector is a simple tool that uses the Flickr API to provide information about a particular flickr user. Photos, tags, contacts’ photos, sets (albums) etc. can all be viewed on the site, for any Flickr user.

Preloadr Logo

Preloadr is a very useful flickr-based photo editing tool. They’ve integrated the Flickr API with nexImage photo editing software and presented it as a new, free online service. No registration is required (or even possible) – you simply log on to your flickr account through the Preloadr site. Pictures can be uploaded, edited and transferred to Flickr, or pictures can be pulled from Flickr, edited on Preloadr and moved back over to Flickr. There are several editing tools like cropping, sharpening, color correction and more.


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